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Asset integrity management

Proactive Approach to Asset Integrity Management

Asset integrity management has become increasingly important with many companies today electing to upgrade brownfield facilities in order to improve efficiency and extend operational life. Oil and gas infrastructure across the globe is aging, and as... Read More
In-plant staffing services

7 Benefits to In-Plant Staffing Services in Petrochemical and Refining Operations

In recent years, securing skilled labor in the oil and gas industry has become increasingly difficult. Though over the past 18 months, this has been less of an issue in the upstream sector, as companies have slashed both spending and jobs in an... Read More
NGL recovery

Why couple LNG with NGL recovery?

Traditionally, NGL recovery and LNG production have been viewed in the marketplace as two separate segments. Upstream and midstream providers have typically focused on recovering NGL and producing a residue gas stream, while downstream providers have... Read More
standardizing offshore facilities

Optimizing Offshore Facilities Through Standardization

Cost overruns and schedule delays continue to be a problem for large-scale oil and gas projects.  This is especially true in the offshore segment, where many operators building and installing multi-billion dollar production platforms are seeing... Read More
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