Enhancing your pipeline’s safety and reliability

Audubon Field Solutions provides a full suite of pipeline integrity services to help clients navigate through the complex regulatory landscape. We manage all aspects of evaluating and maintaining pipeline integrity to minimize risks that could impact lives and the environment. For pipeline owners and operators, it is essential that proper integrity management protocols be developed to extend design life, ensure safety, avoid costly downtime and meet regulatory requirements.

We work with federal and state regulators and local emergency responders to verify that these integrity management plans, pipeline testing and preventive measures are appropriate for the conditions along the route segment. Our highly experienced team understands and meets all the code compliance for your pipeline operations– safely, reliably and cost efficiently.

Safe and Reliable Operations

Our services combine a diverse range of expertise enabling a full knowledge of all factors relevant to pipeline integrity including:

  • Full program development
  • Procedure and manual development
  • Integrity program management and gap analysis
  • Hazardous liquid integrity management
  • Corrosion control and integrity field services
  • Risk analysis
  • HCA and class location analysis
  • System assessment as risk prioritization
  • NDE assessment evaluation
  • Preventative/mitigative measures programs
  • Post assessment reporting
  • Pipeline safety audits
  • Due diligence reviews
  • EFRD analysis
  • USA analysis
  • Cathodic protection design

Experienced Pipeline Engineers & Field Technicians

With an unmatched safety record, commitment to asset maintenance, and in-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance, we provide our customers with comprehensive maintenance solutions.

  • Pigging systems and installation
  • Meter station preventive maintenance
  • Pipeline jurisdictional determination analysis
  • Class location determination analysis
  • 49 CFR Parts 192 and 195 O&M procedures development
  • PHMSA regulatory compliance audit support and gap analysis
  • Pipeline surveillance and right of way surveys

Pipeline and Facilities Preventative Maintenance Programs

  • Cathodic protection design for pipelines and facilities
  • Coating system design and inspection
  • Internal corrosion mitigation program development
  • Internal corrosion and corrosion inhibitor effectiveness monitoring
  • Pigging program development
  • Pigging system design and installation services
  • Internal corrosion sampling analysis

Advanced Pigging Solutions

Recognizing the growing demand for new pigging technologies, Audubon Field Solutions utilizes SURELAUNCH™, an advanced automated pigging system manufactured by WeldFit to service all four major pigging functions: liquid recovery, cleaning, batching and in-line inspections. The SURELAUNCH™ system can launch any type of pig individually at pre-set launch intervals through the use of a logic-driven control system and an electrical drive system. The horizontally oriented automatic launcher design is loaded with multiple pigs in one loading operation that allows the launching of a single cleaning pig, batching pig or spherical pig for both liquid and gas pipeline service applications.

Pigging System Installation & Project Management

Audubon Field Solutions’ services include on-site project management using qualified and experienced personnel for installation, commissioning and start-up. Project management oversight for installation including:

  • Project oversight for operator and contract personnel
  • Project oversight for the installation of tie-in piping and supports to connect to existing infrastructure (pipeline and facilities)
  • Oversee installation of the electrical supply
  • Expert automation support to install SURELAUNCH™ PLC and connect to remote monitoring/ communication and SCADA equipment
  • Oversee the installation of ancillary equipment as required
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Pigging programs

We Ensure Excellence In Operational Performance

Learn how our solutions meet our clients’ expectations of quality, value, budget and on-time delivery.


Professional Surveying and Engineering Services are only offered and performed in the states in which Audubon Field Solutions, LLC or Audubon Engineering Company, L.P. are licensed to offer or perform those services. Please contact us to obtain detailed licensing information and services offered by an Audubon Companies Entity.